MLB Commissioner Threatens to Move Oakland A’s to Vegas

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is threatening to move the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas. The warning, designed to get the city of Oakland to drop its lawsuit blocking the sale of the Coliseum, shocked fans who are already mourning the loss of their NFL team to Sin City.

Lawsuit Upends Oakland A’s New Stadium Plans

Earlier this year, the Oakland Athletics unveiled a plan to redevelop the 155-acre Coliseum site to fund a new stadium at Howard Terminal.  But first, the A’s would need to buy the Coliseum land, which is currently co-owned by the city of Oakland and Alameda County.

The team reached a deal with the county for $85 million, and was in the process of negotiating for the city’s piece, when news of a lawsuit broke. On Sept. 27, the city of Oakland filed for an injunction to block the county’s sale. On Oct. 1, a judge issued a restraining order, preventing the county from selling its share of the Coliseum land to the Oakland A’s.

The city’s lawsuit argues that before the land can be sold, it must first be considered for low-income housing. The city claims the county failed to fulfill that legal obligation.

Without the land, the A’s may lack the funding to build a new stadium in Oakland. And continuing to play in the ’60s era Coliseum — the last of the old multi-purpose stadiums — isn’t an acceptable Plan B.

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